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    4VetsProject LLC owner 


Fun ideas are great!

Why not let your customers take them home!

Our cards offer more than plain old printed text!      Our cards provide QR codes to make people--  TAKE ACTION !!

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The QR Card of the Future Is Here NOW!

Our QR-coded personalized cards are the best way for you to bring surprising results when you give your card to anyone. However now with Covid19 pretty much set in our lives, business is asked to provide hands off menus, catalogs etc.

Previously only your drab business information was shown with every card you gave out in the past. Those cards only included; your name, company name, address, website URL, and phone information.  NOW it can show your menus, new listings, product sales and even advertisements and Animation. All of that.  Why not have everything right there so your clients can remember you and your company and take it with them to show others?

QR Codes are everywhere. Why not on your card!? Try it $25 for 100 cards with both front and back printed with your QR.

Look inside our site to see how this can work for your business!