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    4VetsProject LLC owner 


About 4vetsqrcards

We are a company that is committed to supporting businesses and the

Veteran community.

Who We Are

It may sound a bit confusing but is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4vetsproject LLC. As a Veteran Owned Business, 4vetsproject LLC has been around since 2015 helping companies find Veterans and their families as customers to offer them discounts when shopping at their business facilities!

We hope that by offering your business the very best QR coded business cards, that we can begin a relationship with you and your company for many years to come!

Meet the Owner

Joseph Walterbach, CEO Founder and USAF Veteran

We are asking your support for our 4VetsQRcard venture to help us continue our work with various veterans groups and to boost your business with something refreshing and new—QR coded business cards! Not only will you be getting high-quality cards to help your business but you'll be helping support Veterans groups as well. 

Joe Walterbach, owner and founder of 4vetsproject LLC served in the USAF in the early 1960s. In 2019 was asked to serve as Secretary on the Board of Lake Oswego Veterans Memorial. In addition, he has helped older Vets with employment at 4vetsproject and helped another individual Veteran to temporary housing for them after that person had lost his wife to illness. He has served as President and CEO of 4vetsproject LLC for six years.

Over the past six years, we have made donations to the American Legion Baseball program; Local Legion posts in Oregon, Disabled Veterans organizations, and the Gold Star Wives of Oregon. Even though we are not a 501(c)3 organization, as a veteran-owned business we felt an obligation to help these folks in their efforts to assist our Veterans and their families. You should too! In fact, we have provided links for you to donate directly to each organization on the Testimonials/Donations page.

By buying a set of 100 business cards for as little as $25 you will be able to show everything about your business. Add any video, YouTube presentation/demonstration, or animated feature. Any information you need to help your clients see what you want them to see about your business. You will stand out above your competition and all the rest, plus you'll be helping Veterans!

Continue visiting our site and sign your business up to order your products today!

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