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    4VetsProject LLC owner 


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you are looking for on this page. If you have any questions we haven't covered, please feel free to reach out to us.

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What You Need to Know

4vetsqrcards in Lake Oswego, Oregon has gathered frequently asked questions and answered them. Read this page to learn more about us, our products, and our services. If you’ve still got questions, you may either call us directly or fill out our inquiry form

Who is  

Well, we are a subsidiary of 4vetsprojectLLC our main company who began in 2014. It was formed to ask businesses to offer some sort of discount and then allow us to put their ad on our website for a small annual fee. We then promote that company via our Veteran organizations, social media, and contacts.

Why are you charging a little bit more than bigger print companies?

We feel we do an outstanding "personalization" involving direct contact with our clients and are willing to change and edit their cards throughout the year at no charge. (Change meaning that we put new contact URL requests on their QR  card for free.) Additionally, a portion of our GROSS income will go to non-profit VETERANS GROUPS like the Gold Star Wives, an organization consisting of wives of fallen heroes whose spouse has died in battle or as a result of that combat (like Agent Orange).  In addition, the AMERICAN LEGION  BASEBALL program where many major league stars have begun developing into great ballplayers.

Suppose I want to change my content throughout the year?

Your URL should reflect what is scanned on the QR card.  At our current pricing, adding new QR codes is impossible.  We feel it is reasonable to ask you to order another 100 new cards that show your new QR and its URL.  At a price of $25 for 100 cards that includes shipping, it shouldn't be a burden to do so. Changing what your URL says can be done with your original content i.e. editing your website for example. The URL stays the same but the content is changed! We'll do our very best to make your order exactly what you want it to be! 

Bonus offer Coming Soon!!

All purchasers of our 4VetsQRcards will be given the opportunity to advertise on our Veterans website 4vetsproject at a discount! Call us for information. Our banner ads run 24/7, 365 days a year, every few seconds! Great exposure for your company!