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Some ideas on how your QR card can work specifically for you!!

Here are a few samples of ideas for your business!

 We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service with our products!

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Some ideas for your specialty!

Check out these sample ideas for your industry. Get a better grasp of how your business can win by using our cards!

  1. REALTORS: Realtors frequently have signs located in front of the homes they have listed. Some have QR codes on those signs so drive-by people who stop and scan the QR code can see what’s inside with a 360 YouTube video. When talking to a prospective buyer or seller over a cup of coffee, an agent could pull out his/her cell phone and scan their card to show a potential buyer the same exact listing information that was on the sign in front of the home that was for sale! 360 views of the interior and details on the property.  Even while being in their office or anyplace away from the property. Wouldn't that get a commitment to proceed?
  2. Mortgage Brokers: Mortgage brokers and agents live off rates and yield spreads. When rates are low traffic is high. When rates are high more salesmanship is required. Our QR 411card works fantastically for you folks. Imagine talking with a prospective client and giving them a card showing what current rates are and a live link to your website, where you have those rates changing on your website every day. Your website at their fingertips 24/7 Would that be something you and they would appreciate? Absolutely! Contact and follow-up are the two basic parts of any opportunity to solidify you and your clients/prospects' relationships!
  3. Financial Planners/Stockbrokers are able to prospect for new clients by sending out a personalized QR-coded business card that has a link to your Website. Imagine having an interview with a prospect where you can actually scan your card and go over your website information showing them why they should come to you for their personal investment needs or financial advice! Wouldn’t that be invaluable?  
  4. Small Business Owners: Your website shows daily specials, pricing of items on sale, and many other features you use to attract customers. Why not have it easily accessed on the business cards that you give when your customers pay their bill? ? When you advertise specials tell your customers to scan the card and find the best specials for them to return to you? Should the ad be a huge success, why not clone it and put it on your business card? Hard to do? Nope. We'll change it for you for free when you re-order your cards!
  5. Auto Dealers: Have your salespeople give out their card with your website or recent ad showing deals and specials. Be sure you include your Service Departments as well. When a customer comes into your store for a new or used car, or needs service, be sure they leave with a card that will be a tool to solidify their relationship with your salespeople and your service people. Plus they will know to check for specials as they come up because it will be on your card.
  6. Bars & Restaurants: Your menus stay at your place of business. Your QR codes might be taped on the table so people can order with their cell phone. HOWEVER, why not let them take your menu or drink lists home with them on a card that your server gives with their bill?  We can do that with 2 QR codes; one for Bar items and one for Food items. Your satisfied customers will scan the business card you gave them and tell their friends all about what they had because the menu will be right there on their cell.  When you change items on your menu the QR code will still show your menu as it currently would be if the person was sitting right at your place of business.
  7. Veteran Owned Businesses:

    Since we are a Veteran Owned Business ourselves, we want every Veteran to know we treat them special. As such if you own a small or large business we will donate 10% of the gross sales amount to any Veteran Organization of your choosing. Large or small we want your business. That way your working dollars for expenses can help your business and Veterans in a private and unassuming manner. TAKE A SHOT OF COURAGE: We are asking you to make a ONE TIME commitment of $25 to try our great cards that help promote your business. You and your clients will both be smiling with the results you see when you give the card out for the first time and scan the code right in front of them!! Larger orders are available (see below).

                                          Sign up now and choose your order! SPECIAL 100 [email protected]$25; 250 [email protected]$100, [email protected]$175.

                                                                     God Bless you all and thanks to those that have served our country!